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mary-kate&ashley icons

real livejournal icons for real livejournal users!

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Hi! Welcome to the MK&A icon community. Your moderators are painkillers and crazychica1818! This is a moderated community, so all off-topic posts will be rejected.


♥ MK&A LiveJournal icons.
♥ Questions about icon credit.


♣ Pictures/news/questions about the twins - these things go to mka_v2 or mkaolsen.
♣ "Hello, I'm new here" posts which don't include icons.
♣ Requests of any type for icons.
♣ Community advertising posts.
♣ Friends-only banners, wallpapers, LJ layouts, colour bars, "I Support Mary-Kate" banners, mood themes, and any other graphics which are not LJ icons. All other graphics should go to mka_graphics.

Additional Reminders:

Be courteous. Don't spam the community asking for people to make you icons - this isn't an icon service. Be nice to other members and to the twins themselves. If someone wants you to tell them which icon you take, do it. Just treat others how you'd like to be treated.
Credit. If someone directly asks to be credited for the icons they made that you use, do so. It is the polite and right thing to do.

Okay, that's it! Have fun!